My friend Riley Triggs visited Fillmore on Monday past.  Riley is a great visionary whose mantra to designing, building, maintaining, and operating model railroads is one of simplicity.  His Port of New York layout (HO Scale) has impressed and intrigued me ever since I first saw his blog about it (PONYRR).  Some of the leading-edge features include: battery powered radio control, 3D printing of significant proportions, satellite layout locations (small terminals located in a different room fed by a car float operation from the main layout), a flexible approach to temporarily laying track to test operation, and prototypes (Hoboken Shore … Continue reading Riley!


This post is dedicated to my friend Gerard Fitzgerald, Fillmore’s BIGGEST fan and, more importantly for me, someone who understands my railroad modeling ramblings…. Gerry lives far away, but I had recently “ceremonially” invited him to join us on our yearly Niagara Falls Excursion.  I promised to let him know all about it – I brought my point-n-click camera (I ALWAYS forget to bring a camera), bought new batteries for it on the way, made sure I didn’t forget it in my truck, and started clicking away right when I got to GO Port Credit station.  But I made a … Continue reading MCRR BRIDGE