Here is a model of one of the 2500 USRA Single Sheath Box Cars received by the New York Central and its subsidiaries, Michigan Central (1000 cars), Pittsburgh, McKeesport & Youghiogheny (500 cars).  The New York Central proper received the remaining 1000 cars.  They were the only single sheathed box cars on the system, so are fairly distinctive in that respect. This is the Tichy kit and was a lot of fun to build.  In fact, I built it a few years ago in the as-delivered form.  Recently I took this model and upgraded it with Kadee semi-scale 33″ wheels … Continue reading LOT 376-B BOX CAR


70 Ton 46′ USRA gondola cars, NYC Lot 377 G (Pressed Steel Car, 1919), are used in ash service at Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse.  By 1942 any original cars were quite elderly and would be soon rebuilt as their brethren had been since 1937. These models are from Walthers.  I modified them by adding Kadee semi-scale wheels, Sergent couplers, Cal Scale air hoses, and removable loads.  I chose to keep them in the as-built condition, but with the LCL container stencilling removed (a number of these cars were converted to an early version of intermodal service in 1921). In 1936 New … Continue reading LOT 377 G GONDOLAS

NYC 20097

The United States Railroad Administration designed and built a standardized caboose and some were supplied to the Ulster & Delaware Railroad.  When the U&D was acquired by the New York Central in the 1930’s, they also inherited those same cabooses.  I am under the impression that they were absorbed into the general pool of crummies and could be found system wide.  20097 was an actual number for one of these USRA cabooses; another one that I am aware of is 20093 (ex U&D 653). This is a resin kit from Funaro & Camerlengo.  A fun build that was also a … Continue reading NYC 20097


I am combining an earlier post with new info to close this topic…. Right now, I am preparing the coal train.  This includes a dedicated NYC Class U-3a 0-8-0 Switcher and six 55 ton USRA hopper cars.  The NYC did not classify their rolling stock like other railroads (example: X-29A, X-29B, etc for a type of box car on the PRR).  They used Lot numbers as a means of identifying groups of cars built to common specifications at the time of purchase.  In the case of my hoppers, they will be Lot 387 H (“H” is for hopper).  Built in … Continue reading LOT 387 H HOPPERS