UPDATE: These cars have been sold – they will be replaced by generic REA cars of the same type. The Wabash railroad did go to Buffalo, via Canada, but not to NYC Central Terminal.  No matter, since this is wartime and every car must be put to maximum use, there are three GACX 53’6″ REA Express Reefers, leased to the Wabash, at Fillmore.  These are from Broadway Limited Imports and have very nice detail.  I have only added Kadee #158 couplers and weathered them lightly by airbrush.  These cars are difficult for operations though.  The car numbers are very small … Continue reading WABASH REA EXPRESS CARS


The Pennsylvania Railroad was a tenant of NYC Central Terminal, with 4 trains arriving and departing daily in June of 1942.  This gave me an opportunity to have some PRR headend cars for the REA express platforms. A string of four PRR cars is used in the express car switching operation is shown below All cars are from Walthers.  They have been around for a while, but are very nice models and I like them a lot.  The car above is a Class R50b Express Refrigerator and is only modified with Kadee #158 couplers along with weathering by airbrush. Likewise … Continue reading PRR EXPRESS CARS