The Broadway Limited Imports Address Changer has made the typically cumbersome (in my experience) programming of decoder addresses so easy.  It is very worthwhile, especially so for a layout with lots of locomotives like an engine terminal. In the past it was a frustrating experience every time I tried to program a locomotive with a four-digit DCC address.  Even with a power booster, I found that I had the most success working out the math for doing the long-form way.  A tedious and time consuming procedure that wasn’t always successful, especially if I did the calculation wrong. Now, the Address … Continue reading ADDRESS CHANGER


As a blogger it would be way too easy to complain about a disappointing purchase or experience.  No negativity here though.  It is important for me to salute those who go beyond what is requested and give a little, and often, a lot more.  There are two guys who have given exceptionally good service when responding to my questions. The first is Rich from Digitrax.  Sorry, I do not know your last name, but you have always answered my questions very quickly.  In fact, the service/support I get from Digitrax is the BEST of anything I’ve ever purchased (homes, automobiles, … Continue reading MY THANKS


Since Fillmore is “essentially complete” (defined as: all of the trackage is in place and operational, scenery is plausibly detailed, and the operating scheme is working), I find that I can now explore some more finer points of railroad modeling.  One aspect of operations that I was slow to jump on is momentum & braking.  It was something that I was aware of before, but it was not a priority at the time. Two things influenced me to adopt m&b.  The first is a brilliant posting by Riley Triggs, one that very much got me thinking.  In it he describes … Continue reading M&B UPGRADING SWITCHERS


As I was rebuilding the Staging Elevator, I had a side project on the go as well.  I decided to try adding Soundtraxx SoundCar to my layout.  The problem is that I mostly run open-topped cars with removable loads, so adding the SoundCar decoder in a car is not possible. Some weeks ago, I was interested in a post made by Trevor Marshall regarding SoundCar and how it was applied by some modellers (SoundCar).  Rather than mount them inside cars, two modellers mounted them under the layout.  After speaking to Bob Fallowfield, one of the two modellers, I decided to … Continue reading SOUNDCAR


One thing about living in a condominium apartment is that I don’t really have a table long enough to have a dedicated programming track.  However, I realized, later, that I do – the layout itself!  But I did not want to use a layout track.  So I made a programming track on a removable shelf that stores inside the layout. Six foot long programming track hangs from hooks inside the layout.  It is made from leftover pieces of 1×2 poplar and 11mm birch plywood (Varathaned, of course). Set up for programming: the programming track bolts onto the side of the … Continue reading PROGRAMMING TRACK