Staging at Fillmore.  Oblique aerial view showing the Staging Elevator on the far side with the Staging Fiddle Yard nearest the camera. In the picture below, the prominent square is a folding table that is used to help an operator set up consists on a yard track.  It is shown in the folded and stowed position. The table is piano hinged and is raised to the horizontal position (below). As seen below, a hasp is provided as a safety to hold the table support in place in case the table is knocked. To set up rolling stock on the fiddle … Continue reading STAGING FIDDLE YARD PT3


Fillmore staging, end view.  The Staging Elevator is on the right; the Staging Fiddle Yard left.  At far end is the roundhouse. Seen below is the small clipboard that holds two permanent switch lists, one for switching the REA platforms with express cars, the other for passengers car switching at the passenger car servicing building.  The lists are mac-tacked (peel-n-stick vinyl covered) so that they last longer and are easy to erase. In the picture below, the red boxes contain the passenger and express cars.  These are high quality, soft-foam lined Reboxx boxes.  They have labels for quick contents identification. … Continue reading STAGING FIDDLE YARD PT2


Staging at Fillmore: the Staging Elevator is behind with the Staging Fiddle Yard in front. When I was designing the Staging Elevator, I assumed that I would need another one on the passenger & express car switching side of the layout.  I knew the design would be slightly different with four parallel tracks on two levels.  As I was laying out the drawing, I started to think if I really needed the sophistication of another elevator.  The alternative I came up with is a self-serve, single level, portable Staging Fiddle Yard. In the picture below, we see the operator side. … Continue reading STAGING FIDDLE YARD PT1