All model railroads pass through phases…

Like the heady days of youth, by far the most exciting one is planning and design.  The research, the joy of discovery; so much to consider!  The scramble to acquire all that is needed.  Then, the benchwork, the first laying of track, the initial model building.

Eventually, like in one’s early mid-life, things get settled down while the construction continues.  Although still very stimulating, the layout work becomes more routine as the many modelling tasks are slowly checked-off one by one.  Planning becomes more infrequent.  Precise execution is the main objective.

Then, as in late-mid life, there is much, much less to build and one can see his vision finally becoming reality.  A mature railway model becomes one of maintenance and of some small improvements here and there.  At one time the dreams of operating could only be just that.  Now, operating and enjoying/sharing the accomplishment is the main goal.  Fillmore is at this stage and has essentially been here for about a year or so.

Fillmore, the layout, is going strong in its new phase in life.  Fillmore, the blog, has run its course…

Everyone’s blog is different, some more so than others.  I haven’t posted about events or what’s new – I’m not well enough connected for that.  Philosophical prose?  No, not here – there are some fine blogs out there that will make you think.  I tried to do book reviews and did not like it, so I removed them.  Fillmore has never been a junction for other blogs; in fact I’ve never had a listing of the blogs I follow (I really have enjoyed practically all of them – the model railroad blog universe is a very small one).

The post topics found at Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse were intended to be technical and operational in nature and I hope different enough to capture the interest of other like-minded railroad modellers.  However, with respect to Fillmore’s current stage of its lifecycle, I feel that there is very little of unique meaning to write about – things that are new & fresh technically and operationally, that is.

So, I’ll stop right here.

Thank you very much for dropping by and spending some of your time here.  I have always appreciated it.  I have always endeavoured never to waste your time.  I hope I have not.

I have tried to avoid giving advice in my postings, instead just writing about what I have done and letting you decide if it was good, bad, or indifferent.  But now, I would like to leave with one small bit of advice: build what you love, it doesn’t matter what others think.  Do it for yourself.

I wish you well.