Back in the Summer I started to have second thoughts about how I modelled the coach yard…..

I’m usually of the mind for spreading out scenes; less is better.  Dull and mundane is better still.  Whenever I thought about the Railway Express Agency platforms, I felt it was too much, too close to the passenger car servicing building.  Too busy.  Too “model-railroady” – you know, cramming something into every bit of available space.  However, whenever I uncovered the layout and looked at it, it didn’t seem all that bad.

But, I couldn’t let go of that thought and now the REA platforms are gone, replaced by tracks going to staging.  If mundane is better, then the yard looking more like a yard is an improvement.


One thing that I recognized when mulling this over is that passenger car operations should be more interesting.  The way it was before, passenger cars would be switched over to the servicing building and express cars to the REA platforms.  But now, they do not need to be separated.  I can now switch to build passenger consists, combining both types of cars.  The servicing building is still in play for Pullmans, diners, and coaches as the spur going there is isolated.


I like it.