When experimenting with the OLD OUTHOUSE, one takeaway from it was how impressed I was with the Dark Grey Wash.  It flowed nicely.  I guess acrylic washes have come a long way – I’ve avoided them due to past experience long ago.  Since then, I use enamel washes (enamel paint thinned with Varsol).

EMC 103/103A was a bit incomplete.  I did not like the appearance of the side and roof grills.  I decided to give these areas a Vallejo Wash treatment.  Since the olive paint on the Model F Demonstrator is quite dark, I decided to apply their black wash.  I added a drop or two of distilled water to further thin out the solution, but in retrospect I would not do this again.  Then I just painted it on with an “O” brush and soaked up the excess with tissue.  I went outside the frames a couple of times – I corrected these areas with wiping away the excess (with water on my brush).  Like most good modeling effects, the result is subtle.

I did not find this tedious – four sections x 12 grills each would lead one to think otherwise.  In the picture below, the section on top has the black wash applied.


Here are more views: