SOU 2801


The next cabinet collection E6 locomotive upgraded with Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 DCC & Sound, LED’s, and Sergent Couplers is Southern 2801.  This is a Broadway Limited Imports model from the last batch offered in 2015 (I believe).  Funny thing though, in comparison to the Milwaukee and B&O units previously upgraded (earlier offerings), the wire colors were not the same.  Oh, the actual colors (gray, black, brown) are the same, but they are attached to different electrical components!  But the installation is very easy to figure out.


SOU 2801 was delivered in March of 1941 (EMD s/n 1215).  She was lettered for a new streamlined train, The Southerner (New York – New Orleans >>> the New York section north of Washington was on the PRR using GG-1 electrics).  This was originally a seven-car lightweight trainset built by Pullman-Standard and was headed by one of these 2000 hp diesel-electrics.  This was typical for the era – the sleek diesel replacing a 4-6-2 Pacific (actually multiple Pacifics along the route) and the lightweight cars replacing the usual heavyweight consist.  The result?  More efficiency, availability, dependability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, & speed – plus an image that captured the travelling public’s attention.


The Classic Trains special Streamliner Pioneers has a very nice article, “Southern’s tortuous decision to streamline” (p 94), that goes into the history behind the initial streamlining of not only The Southerner, but also The Tennessean.  Also, in the fairly recent Classic Trains special Great Trains East, there is a color photo of SOU 2801 (p 30) looking pristine (as in the pictures of my model here) at the engine terminal in Ivy City (Washington).


I wonder how the stylist at GM got the idea for the striping!  I think it works very well with the lines of the locomotive.  I don’t get why someone would authorize painting a locomotive white, especially the roof?  But then again, the SOO LINE later had even more white on their diesel locomotives.

Here are more photos of SOU 2801…