A big part of this hobby for me is reading.  And I love to read railroading in bed – what could be a better way to wind the day down?  Taking a large book to bed, like say the 1941 Locomotive Cyclopedia, isn’t just awkward it’s downright hazardous lest I nod off…

I recently designed, and built, and tested, and modified, and tested, and modified again a book stand so that I could take heavy books like the Locomotive Cyclopedia to bed.  Even better, I built it from leftover benchwork materials (11mm birch plywood & dimensional pine).  This works for me and so thought that I would pass it on in case there are others interested.

Here are some more detail pictures;




This link (Reader) is to a downloadable dimensioned drawing (in inches) of the design.  As a gauge, my waist size is an optimistic 34 and I have about 1-1/2″ of clearance between my tummy and the shelf.  An observation: one’s body sinks into the mattress more than the stand – I’d make the legs a little longer, test it, then chop them as needed.

Here it is with the 1941 Locomotive Cyclopedia


Note how the bottom horizontal beams extend forward – this is needed to counter the centre of gravity of a heavy book mounted.  If there are no extensions, this contraption is not stable and may tilt forward.  When the construction was finalized, I gave it two coats of Varethane satin finish.


Now to dream about Boxpok driver’d steamliners racing in the night….or Salma Hayek.