The Broadway Limited Imports Address Changer has made the typically cumbersome (in my experience) programming of decoder addresses so easy.  It is very worthwhile, especially so for a layout with lots of locomotives like an engine terminal.

In the past it was a frustrating experience every time I tried to program a locomotive with a four-digit DCC address.  Even with a power booster, I found that I had the most success working out the math for doing the long-form way.  A tedious and time consuming procedure that wasn’t always successful, especially if I did the calculation wrong.

Now, the Address Changer is a very fast and no-fuss way to program DCC addresses.  In the picture below we see the changer with power cord (going to the power pack, which is included, but not shown) and track wires going from screw-down terminals to a piece of flex track.


It’s simple: put a locomotive on the track, plug in the power pack, and press the upper right button (READ TRACK).  In a few seconds the Address Changer reports the DCC address of the locomotive on the track.  This is very helpful, especially when one may have mis-programmed the address before hand.


To change the DCC address, simply enter the number desired by pressing the four buttons below the display, then press the bottom centre PROGRAM button.  Presto!  To confirm the address, press the READ TRACK button.


Resetting a decoder back to factory settings is also another useful feature of this tool.  It works with a variety of decoder types and I can confirm that I have used it successfully on Soundtraxx and QSI decoders, besides, of course, Broadway Limited ones.  It does not work on MTH locomotives, but they don’t really have proper DCC decoders installed anyway.

This has been absolutely worth every penny!