Here are some more resources that I have on The Model F Demonstrator:

1941 LOCOMOTIVE CYCLOPEDIA – this mega-volume has a rather small but interesting section on EMD, and some general info on the Model F (with EMD colour art pull-outs).  What I like most is that it is representative of the times.  We see how others saw locomotives and their appliances, especially the latest in steam, back then.  A very interesting and large last section is provided on locomotive backshops and the modern engine terminal.  Not a book to take to bed with you though 🙂




CLASSIC TRAINS SPECIAL: DIESEL VICTORY (2006).  Unfortunately no longer available from Kalmbach.  This is an excellent issue with many well written articles about the coming of the Diesel locomotive.  With respect to EMC 103/103A, there is an article: “Letter from FT 103”.  It is an intriguing read with a letter from an EMC field rep who wrote about his experiences on the first railroad on the Model F tour, the CB&Q.  Two period photographs of the Demonstrator are included.  In addition, on page 40/41, there is the only period colour photograph I have seen of 103/103A.  It is the same one as found in the Spring 2015 Classic Trains issue (the F-unit tribute), but larger.  This photograph will greatly influence my decisions regarding the painting and finishing of my model.


The website UTHA RAILS has a posting by the late great Wallace Abbey.  In it, he clarifies some myths regarding Model F/FT’s (UtahRails).

FT Tidbit: It seems that EMC 103A was actually EMC 103B in December 1939 while shining on the CB&Q.  A picture of her is shown in DIESEL VICTORY (page 104/105).  I was not aware of this…only that at La Grange these sisters had numbers 1030 & 1031, after their builder’s serial numbers.  Prior commencing the tour, 1030 & 1031 must have been renumbered 103/103B.  Prior to going on the Santa Fe, the second railroad visited (in January 1940), EMC 103B was re-numbered, again, to 103A!