Here’s an old trick for making fine plastic rod.  It is very easy to do.  Take a piece of the runner (or often called a sprue) from a polystyrene plastic model kit.  The sprue is what holds the parts making the kit “tree”.

To take the clunky thick sprue diameter and turn it into finer useable stock, simply cut a length and hold it over a flame (a candle works best) while rotating, as below…


…as it gets soft, it will droop down…


…then stretch it by pulling on both ends…


Presto!  One can make many different diameters by varying the heat used: with less heat, the resulting “wire” is thicker than with more.  Another way to vary the diameter is the speed at which the sprue is stretched:  the faster, the finer.

Stretched sprue can be used in cases where it would be advantageous to use slower setting styrene cement as opposed to using brass wire and fast setting CA.  This is also great for making plugs to fill holes in models.


There’s that FT again….what’s up????  Well, if he’s plugging horn mounting holes, it can mean only one thing!