As a blogger it would be way too easy to complain about a disappointing purchase or experience.  No negativity here though.  It is important for me to salute those who go beyond what is requested and give a little, and often, a lot more.  There are two guys who have given exceptionally good service when responding to my questions.


The first is Rich from Digitrax.  Sorry, I do not know your last name, but you have always answered my questions very quickly.  In fact, the service/support I get from Digitrax is the BEST of anything I’ve ever purchased (homes, automobiles, electronics, etc).  I have e-mailed Digitrax at times when I really did not expect an answer until normal business work hours (a Thursday evening at 8pm EST, a Saturday evening at 7pm, and twice on Sunday afternoons at about 3pm).  I would have been happy with a reply in the following days.  However, the longest it took for Rich to reply was 1-1/2 hours later!  What service.  Simply the Best!


The other fellow is George Bogatiuk of Soundtraxx.  I sent in a couple of questions about an upcoming build that includes the new Tsunami 2 Diesel decoder via the support address found in the Soundtraxx website.  George replied very quickly and in great detail and then followed-up with other pertinent info.  First Class!

I’m not one to say which system or decoder is the best.  How would I really know.  But with Digitrax as my DCC system of choice and Soundtraxx as my decoder of choice, I could not be more satisfied.  Mix in the outstanding support, why would I go anywhere else?

Model railroading is a business to be sure.  But the camaraderie we have for each other, even crossing over into the business side, is the strongest aspect of this hobby.  There are lots of good people in it who will help others because they want to; because others have helped them as well.

Thanks Rich and George!