The job I usually get to do is the Roundhouse Foreman.

Basically, this job is very much like the real one – troubleshooting.  As locomotives are inspected at the pits, I assign the stalls for lubrication via the blackboard.  If a fault is discovered, I assign a repair stall and adjust the expected time to be at the ready track and when the locomotive is called for service.  I stage the Fiddle Yard which is close by.  Of course, I have to be ready whenever we run into a snag.  However, I must say that all of my operators here at Fillmore are First Class and we really haven’t had any significant troubles.

In the picture below, we see my work place; the layout is behind to the right.  My blackboard is run via my MacBook which is connected directly to my flat screen television via HDMI cable.


Shown below is the blackboard.  This is the view my Hostlers see.  I have recently removed a column showing locomotive classification and made the other columns narrower.  These changes allowed me to display the info in a larger size which makes reading it easier for my operators (this is represented in the picture below). The locomotive classifications really don’t mean anything to them as they are not NYC aficionados, like yours truly.