We HO scale railroad modellers have so many choices of locomotive and car models with very fine details.  Obviously, these models cost more, but to those of us who like the finer detail, we spend the money.  In almost all cases, though, the packaging is not really meant to store the model it came with as it is not really designed with that in mind.  The packaging is made as inexpensively as possible in order to get the model to our workbench.  Putting the model back into the box, well, isn’t as easy as getting it out (and even at that, taking them out takes great care).

In other cases where one builds a model (like the Tichy model in the picture below), there is not an appropriate box to store it at all.  In the case of the hopper shown, there are many fine details that are easily damaged.


Since I invest a lot of time and money on my models, I use high quality Reboxx boxes to store them.  In fact, every piece of rolling stock gets a Reboxx box.  They are definitely not inexpensive, but for me this is well worth it in order to store a model safely when removed from the layout.