NYC 7821


UPDATE: This model has been upgraded with Tsunami 2 DCC/Sound.

USRA Heavy Switcher NYC 7821 (Alco, Oct 1918) was a member of Class U3a.  This is the second 0-8-0 to be prepared for service at Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse.

IMG_2798This is a Walthers model with factory installed Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoder.  Modified as previously posted NYC 7814 switcher, this model is a fine runner.  She has Kadee #158’s instead of Sergent Type E’s for service in the coach yard from time to time.  This offers some operating variety for my friends.



IMG_2773I weather my locomotives pretty much the same way.  While not truly prototypical, I find that subtle, consistent weathering appears to be more plausible in model form.  Each to his own, I guess.  One new thing I tried was adding a “wet” area by the water fill hatch on the tender, representing spillage (below).


I did this by mixing in a dish Testors Model Master acrylic gloss and 70% rubbing alcohol in a 50-50 mix.  I painted this on with a “0” brush letting it flow naturally, avoiding the hatch cover (which would have been open during filling).

Now for NYC 7815!