One operation done on occasion is a Plow Extra.  Typically, snowplow X662 is moved to a garden track beside the roundhouse.

X662 (Russell, 1941), after one season keeping the Railroad’s tracks clear in a snowy Buffalo, is brought up from the Car Shop.  Being new rolling stock, she was mechanically inspected and adjusted along with some touch-up paint applied.  She will be stored on a garden track at Fillmore Avenue Roundhouse.  Here’s how it goes…

IMG_2712We find our train in staging (NYC X662, 0-6-0 NYC 234, and Caboose 20097).

IMG_2716After a test run on nearby trackage, the train enters roundhouse Inbound 1 lead and passes the inspection pits, the coaling tower, and the wash pits.


As the train gets to the turntable it drops the caboose.


The turntable is aligned to Garden Track 2 and X662 is spotted.


Our Teakettle then backs to collect the caboose and they are turned complete to Ready Track 1 for the outbound trip.


This is adds a nice variety to operations.