NYC 7814


UPDATE: This model has been upgraded with Tsunami 2 DCC/Sound.

USRA Heavy Switcher NYC 7814 (Baldwin, June 1919) was a member of 0-8-0 Class U3a.  The New York Central System had 787 0-8-0 switchers, the majority of which were in Class U3.  They were highly successful and used until the end of steam.


This is the Walthers model with factory installed Soundtraxx Tsunami sound decoder.  Detail is excellent; very fine yet robust enough to hold up to normal handling.  She runs beautifully; very happy.  Although the moldings are exquisite, I did find some faint mold parting line marks along the top of the boiler and domes.  These I cleaned up with a fine file and 600 grit sand paper.  These areas were locally air brushed with Engine Black.


Alterations were minor: moved the tender ladder to the engineer’s side of the tank rear (per NYC practice), added Cal Scale brass air hose on rear of tender, Sergent couplers, changed out the traction tire driver for the metal one included with the model, road number decals from Microscale, and coal load from Woodland Scenics (mine run).

IMG_2766Weathering is mainly by airbrush with some Weathered Brown chalk on horizontal faces.



This locomotive is on dedicated assignment to the coal train.