Fillmore can support up to six operators, with enough for everyone to do.

Here are the jobs:

Switcher Conductor – conducts the switching operation on the passenger/express car side using permanent switch lists.  Uncouples cars, throws turnout switch points, guides the locomotive engineer, and decides on car movement strategy.

Switcher Engineer – operates the locomotive on the passenger/express car side.

Lead Hostler – in charge of hostling from inspection pits to ready tracks, moving locomotives from servicing station to servicing station.  Also, delegates work to the Assistant Hostler as needed.  There is not enough room in my apartment to have one operator per locomotive.  Instead, the hostler(s) manage all the locomotives.

Assistant Hostler – helps the Lead Hostler and usually moves locomotives from the inspection pits to the coaling tower/sanding tower.  He also runs any and all of the terminal service trains (coal, sand, ashes, freight).

Staging Master – runs the Staging Elevator and also represents road crews dropping off locomotives at the inspection pits and crews picking up power at the ready tracks.  The most demanding job, he maintains the tempo of operations via the blackboard.

Roundhouse Foreman – dispatches locomotives via the blackboard and troubleshoots.  This is mostly me; I get to run the spreadsheet, nothing else, but I get to watch the action 🙂