Adding details to the interior was a long, but fun process.

The first thing done was to clean up all the molding marks on all the stall beams.  Parting lines were sanded away and ejector pin marks filled in with putty.  Tedious, but well worth it.  The Walthers kit is quite good. It includes brick detail on the interior walls.

This picture shows how the structure was assembled, starting from one end working to the last full size stall.  I worked in sections of two or three stalls at a time.


Here are some pictures of the details added….



I made clerestory walkways from Central Valley fencing.


A typical roundhouse interior was painted white to reflect as much light as possible.  The lower 5′ of walls and posts was painted black.  This is like CPR John Street Roundhouse.  I added fire extinguishers, fire axes, and fire hose reels along with water supply piping as fire safety was paramount in a working roundhouse.  Ladders allow access to locomotive boilers.  Trash cans  and shovels and brooms add detail.  I did not want a cluttered look as there needs to be plenty of space for maintaining the locomotives. The dangling lighting is 12V Miniatronics bulbs with shades, hardwired to .028″ brass conduits.