The roundhouse is the “off”-centerpiece of the entire layout.  It occupies 1/3 of the available space and was the most time consuming structure to build.  This is the Walthers Modern Roundhouse (five kits), there are 15 stalls.  It is truncated to fit on 29-1/2″ wide benchwork.  Since a good portion of the structure is cut-away, I took advantage of this to detail the interior which is best seen from the sectioned side.

Here are some general views



I built it generally as per the kit but I did make some modifications and added much more detail which I will outline in following posts.


I added a rail height loading dock along one side of the structure.  This allows us to spot a box car for delivery of parts and supplies.


This is the backside of the building which is scenic’d with dirt, weeds, static grass, grass tufts, and a couple of bushes.  Over on the left corner is Fillmore Avenue.  One back wall was modified to create a street entrance for deliveries.


Fillmore Avenue is made from styrene sheet and Central Valley fencing.  The fire hydrant is from Scale Structures, the lamp post from Walthers, the Taxi from Mini Metals (I weathered it), and the figure is from Woodland Scenics.