I never use figures as they are supplied by the manufacturer.  Although I do not modify the pose, I finish them is a certain way.

Firstly, I scrape away any mold parting lines with a modeling knife.  This usually means I need to repaint the clothing areas, typically in similar colors to how they were supplied, but not always.

Then I give the figure a gloss Testors acrylic clear by airbrush.  The gloss coat allows a brush wash of enamel flat black, applied next, to flow into the crevices and folds of the clothing and hand/facial features.  After this, I spray with Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear.  Lastly, I very, very lightly dry brush the figure’s highlights using Testors Light Sea Gray enamel.


I find using enamel paint for washes and dry brushing to be most effective.