First servicing stop (from staging) are the inspection pits.  There are two roundhouse inbound leads.  All the road engineer needs to do is spot the water hatch on the tender to the water column.  The inspection pits are long enough to accommodate the longest of NYC power here (that being class L-3a/b 4-8-2 Mohawks).


The water column is from Tichy; there are three on the layout.  They were built by my friend Steve Bourdon and were from his CNR Goderich Sub layout.  After he modernized into the 1980’s, he passed these on to me.  Thanks Steve.  I painted and weathered them.  The working lighting is made via home-built light stands using Miniatronics 12V bulbs and brass shades.  The pits are from Peco while the concrete in between is made of sheet styrene with expansion joints scribed.


A subway into the pits was added in the interests of worker safety, the entrance of which is the “hut” where the figure is standing.  This was made with styrene sheet.  The stairs are from the Peco pits kit.  I also added Central Valley step ladders (reduced in height), open topped Tichy oil drums, a Preiser chair, and Scale Structures bins and broom to add visual interest to the scene.