The last servicing stage prior to a ride on the turntable to a lubrication stall inside the roundhouse, are the ash and wash pits.


The cinder conveyor serves both tracks.  Cinders and ash are dumped into the track-level hoppers.  When the skip-bucket is in position, the trap door opens and they are dumped into the bucket.  The bucket is then raised inside the tower were it is tipped and the contents fall into a chute and into a gondola car below.  Water hoses are provided to cool the ash/cinder mix after dumping.  The cinder conveyor and ash pits are from Walthers.


The locomotive is then moved forward into the wash pits where a blow-down is made and the running gear steam cleaned.  The pits are from Peco, the light stands home-made.  The two tracks on the other side of the pits where water columns reside, are the Ready Tracks where locomotives are briefly spotted until called for assignment (which, in our case, is a trip back to staging).



The hoses were a modeling dilemma.  Made of .016″ brass wire, do I glue them down first, but how do I paint them?  Do I paint them first, but gluing them would be troublesome.  I opted to glue them down first with CA to ensure that they naturally lay on the concrete pad.  I did not paint them; I took a new black Sharpie and carefully ran it along the wire a few times.  To my relief, this worked out well.  Buckets are from Scale Structures, open oil drums from Tichy, the hose valves are from Cal Scale. Since this area sees a lot of water, weeds were added in the concrete expansion joints (Woodland Scenics green Blended Turf sprinkled over white glue applied with a very fine paint brush).

I haven’t had the nerve to make this area look wet; a future project someday…