As mentioned in part 1, my staging elevator is portable.  There are four 2-1/2″ diameter casters with which it is very easy to roll away for storage.  These casters, however, are a liability when it comes to having a nice lateral transfer-table like motion because the wheels are free to swivel.

In the picture above, I show the way I can lock the wheels for lateral motion.  The u-bolt is for chain-link fencing (I think) and the snubbers are cut from rubber hose, retained with nuts on the ends.  A hex screw holds the u-bolt up to allow swivelling (left picture); removing the screw allows the u-bolt to drop into the locked position (right picture).

I have these only on the two casters on the end that is opposite from the layout interface.  Why?  Well I’ll reveal that on the next post….