UPDATE: These models have been upgraded with Tsunami 2 DCC/Sound

Back in June, just before completing the scenery at Fillmore, I took a break to prep two ALCo HH600’s for service at the coach yard.


NYC 675 & 677 (Dec 1938 & Jan 1939) were, in fact, Buffalo engines and were sent there after delivery along with 20 EMC SW1’s.  Central aficionados may raise an eyebrow, however, as there is nothing I’ve come across to suggest that these engines actually worked Central Terminal’s coach yard.  They did not have signal lines and all the pictures I have seen are of grey-bodied SW1’s working the platforms in my era of interest.  But it doesn’t matter to me.  They are period correct and were there (somewhere, and for a long time).


The models are from Atlas with factory installed QSI decoder and sound.  They have excellent detail – the only addition I made were the visors over the head and rear lights, an NYC anomaly.  These were made with .010″ thick styrene, shaped, bent, and glued in place.  Paint job was as easy as it gets – tuxedo black (Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black) along with a dark green interior (Polly Scale Pullman Green).  The decals were made up for me by Ron at Rail Graphics (Custom Decals).  The smaller lettering on the running boards are from a Microscale sheet.  Tamiya TS-80 Flat Clear was sprayed overall to kill the gloss applied for the decals.  Then TS-79 Semi Gloss Clear was sprayed along only the sides of the car body to give a bit of lustre to the paint.


The weathering was mainly by airbrush.  The trucks were painted Grimy Black, then thinned spray of D&RGW Building Brown, then not-thinned Engine Black only on the journal boxes.  A light thinned spray of Grimy Black was applied overall to the car body. On the roof: thinned Roof Brown, then not-so-thinned Oily Black.  Running boards: thinned Dirt.  To tone it all down a bit, a very brief thinned spray of Steam Power Black was applied to those areas.  Testors Model Master Dark Gull Gray Enamel was very, very lightly dry-brushed to pick-out the details.  Finally, a little sand-colored powder was applied around the two sanding ports on the roof.

For programming I chose a pre-programmed speed curve that is a little more lively than the stock one via Decoder Pro.

I very much like these sisters as they sound great, run very well, and are fun to operate.  They are the only diesels at Fillmore.