When not using my layout, it is rolled into a corner of the living room in my condominium apartment.  To minimize on dust accumulation, fitted cloth covers go over the layout and my two portable staging trolleys.


Early on in the building of the layout, the cover was supported by wire hoops.  One day, while vacuuming, I put my elbow through the side of the cover and realized that had I built the roundhouse there, I’d be doing a lot of rework to fix it.  I’m such a klutz, but this was a blessing.  I made removable hardboard sides to protect the models on the layout from side-knocks.  These lift out when deploying the layout for operations, as shown in the picture below.


The hardboard sides are held in place with gibs, the details of these are shown below.


I use these gibs to insert a plexiglas strip that extends 1″ above the scenery to keep the locomotives and rolling stock on the layout and off the floor!