I spent three years fiddling with the track plan.  It’s only a yard, but over time I found my tastes changing, particularly when I learned more about prototype steam-era engine terminals.  The last changes made were actually done as I was laying track!

Here is the track plan as published in MRP2015 (used with permission from Model Railroader Magazine).



Here is how I integrated the layout design with the west end of NYC’s Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY.  I used a USGS map from 1950 I found on the internet.  The beautiful map below was made by Kalmbach’s Rick Johnson from a JPEG I sent of the map with the sketched modeled area done in Microsoft Paint.  MR staff does terrific work.


The final design, after the above track plan was submitted to MR, was updated on my CAD drawing and the changes are shown below:


As I was lying track I reconsidered the location of the Diesel fueling pad; moving it closer to the turntable makes getting an Alco HH600 there easier and allows an easy escape back to the coach yard.  The short spur at the car servicing/cleaning building was removed because it just looked too busy.  I like how it appears now, more balanced with a roadway to the building (this roadway visually divides the engine terminal from the passenger/express car switching operation).  My pal Bill Tinker suggested an ice house for replenishing ice on passenger cars with ice-activated air conditioning.  I thought that was a great idea and it adds to the operational variety .  In between the ice house and passenger car service building I have a rail-height platform while the service doors at the building are vestibule high with roll-up doors.

I’m very happy with the result.  The service building is a “universal industry” as any type of passenger car can be serviced there.  Pullmans can be vacuumed and have linens exchanged, while dining cars can be restocked for cutlery and table cloths, and so on.


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